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The New York Times - The performance — less an impression of Ms. Garland than an interpretation of her vibrato-heavy method of belting – was a hit. 

Huffington Post- Absolute joy. Incredibly moving. Don't miss it!

Liz Smith - I told you recently about a young man, Seth Sikes, who has appeared at the NYC nightspot 54 Below, singing the songs of Judy Garland. I went off to see him last week and couldn’t have been more charmed. He’s young and handsome and enthusiastic. He doesn’t try to duplicate her sound. Sikes has boundless energy and a true, strong voice, with just the right amount of throb and drive and melancholy. The place was packed.

Rex Reed, The New York Observer - Sikes belted out small gems and big treasures alike to a sold-out house screaming for more. He’s already developing a fan base of Judy addicts and there’s no telling how far Seth Sikes will go. 

Broadway World – Sikes is not doing an impression of the lady herself; he's simply delivering some of her most popular selections with every ounce of charisma and passionate dedication as Garland did. And the result emerges as simply stratospheric.

NY Arts Review - Sikes may well be one of the saviors of the Great American Songbook as we continue into the 21st century.

Bistro Awards - Sikes’s voice is hardy, and he can belt out key musical phrases with impressive vivacity. 

Center on the Aisle - A fun, emotional night of songs. He sings with energy and enthusiasm, his excitement spilling through every note. 

Theater Scene - I enjoyed every minute of his act. It’s the best tribute to Garland I’ve ever seen. 

Time Out New York - A nervy evening of Judy Garland stories and songs (including some in the original keys), backed by a terrific band. 

Gay City News - His performance leaves no doubt that his love of the legendary singer is genuine. And the energy he puts into his songs is contagious. 

Boy Culture – Sikes sang just about every famous Judy song (except That One) and never missed a note. His stage patter was fun, too—self-deprecating and giddy; his excitement at the opportunity was infectious. 

Stage Buddy - Sikes’s voice is phenomenal of course, but what sticks with you and makes his performance more effective is the intensity of the emotions behind the interpretations. 

New York Post - It was a heartfelt concert. Sikes has a heap of fans and his audiences are always tightly packed and brimming with enthusiasm for his booming, jazzy renditions of their favorite songs.  

Nitelife Exchange - He possesses the skill to embody another performer while remaining his own separate entity, and that is very rare in these days of cookie cutter performers who whimsically put on cabarets of their favorite performer’s oeuvre because they think it will be “fun”. Well, Mr. Sikes is no cookie. He offers more than just fun when he is onstage. He radiates the spirit and energy of his subjects, bringing to vivacious life a time that once was, keeping it’s memory alive and well. I can’t wait to see who, or what he decides to do next. 

Liz Smith - The very best Happy Birthday to Liza, came in the form of Seth Sikes' triumphant homage to the star at 54 Below last Saturday. Seth's set included some of the "big hits" but he mostly confined himself to poignant, not as well-know Liza numbers that captured the star's (and Seth's own) sensitivity. "Plenty of Time," "Sing Happy" and "Sorry I Asked" were particularly moving. The place was packed and the crowd went wild. Just like, well — a Liza Minnelli concert! 

Theater Pizzazz - The crowd responded to each tune Seth performed with wild applause and cheering whooOops. I plan to make it my business to go see Seth perform a Judy set, or any female singer’s music he chooses to do (he admitted a predilection for that). You’d be wise to do likewise. 

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